Friday, 13 July 2012

The Comeback!

So here we go my big combeback!

I must say these were a pretty good pattern to get back into the ring with, they were simple and didn't take very long at all. I think I maybe spent about three hours sewing them and then a hour or two hand sewing the facing down whilst watching Fight Club.

I debated making a muslin, but it seemed like too much messing around so I used this red gabardine that I had lots of so I could do them again if I had to. 

They fit OK, although they give me a little bit of a wedgie, so i adjusted that on the pattern so next time they should be perfect.

Wanna know what else I love about these? They use less than a meter of fabric and the pocket lining and facing can be cut out of a fat quater. I think these are going to be a brilliant stash buster!

Now lets just hope for some sunshine so I can wear them.


Sassy T said...

The shorts look greta. love the lining.

Sassy T said...

"great" I meant lol

Sassy T said...

Which pattern?

didyoumakethat said...

Cute, cute, cute as a button!

Leah said...

Thank you!
They're Iris by Colette

Anonymous said...

These are so, so cute! I desperately want a pair of these-- I even bought a lovely red twill to make them-- but the pattern doesn't come close to fitting me, and I can't get it adjusted properly. :(

Leah said...

Oh thats such a shame! what about them doesn't fit?

Meli said...

These are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

great shorts. I LOVE the lining! what a sweet surprise.

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