Tuesday, 3 April 2012

One Week One Pattern - Day Seven

Friday my brother had a half day at school, and so wanted me to go shopping with him. I was instructed not to wear 'anything weird'

I went for my peach sorbetto, floral skirt and new sandals

I don't know how best to describe my brother apart from saying that he is the complete opposite to me, in every possible way imaginable.

You want proof? OK 

Needless to say he wasn't impressed with my 'non weird' outfit, but he wanted to go shopping so he had to like it or lump it!

P.S If I stop blogging in the near future it's probably because he's seen this picture and killed me!


Anonymous said...

what is a sorbetto??
You seem to mention wearing one is the last few posts..what is it?
a top? a type of fabric?
im unfimiliar with the term..

Leah said...

It's the pattern I used for 'one week, one pattern'. So it's the top in the last few posts you should still be able to download it for free from the colette patterns blog I think!

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