Monday, 5 March 2012

Black & White

I finished this dress last week but didn't get a chance to photograph it until this weekend.
I'm quite proud of this dress as its the first thing i've made without a proper pattern, I used some fairly detailed instructions from a couple of books for the top and a 3/4 circle skirt for the bottom and much to my surprise it wasn't too much of a headache. Although I did learn that lining a wool dress (which needs a very hot iron) with polyester satin (which needs a cool iron) is NOT a good idea, and will be a proper pain when your trying to press it!
Its made from some black wool suiting that one of my neighbours gave me when she found out i sewed, previously she had been throwing it out with the rubbish!


Popbabe7 said...

Wow, just gorgeous! You were very brave doing it without a pattern.

Leah said...

Thanks! There were MANY tests before I actually cut the wool, and I still think the top could have done with being a little shorter! Xx

Mary said...

Really a great looking dress. What a find from your neighbor!

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