Saturday, 28 January 2012


I have been having a lot of trouble finding decent bras recently, the main problem being I don't like underwires, and I don't want to wear a sports bra.
I found a really comfortable one last year from Uniqlo but it was quite expensive and not very pretty.
Anthropologie has some really pretty ones but (apart from the obvious expense) they area bit flimsy, I prefer something with a padding or lining.

so I had a quick look at some patterns on etsy and I think I could have a go at making one myself. The lack of underwires should make it easier! I just want something simple, basic darted triangle on elasticated band shouldn't be too hard, right?


Popbabe7 said...

Hi Leah

You should check out the Mc Calls pattern I talked about on the Colette blog ( as it contains a couple of simple, bra patterns without underwires.


Leah said...

That looks good, thank you! will defiantly give that a go!

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