Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Talking of the 80's

Today as I was searching the book shelves at home I came across a tattered spine (well lack of a spine really) that I recognised. This book was my fashion, jewellery, make up and hair bible until I was about 13. I must have spent hundreds of hours sitting studying the instructions on how to draw, what materials to use, and learning the difference between a shawl collar and a sailors collar.

tattered books are always the best.

I think my mom defiantly got her 15p's worth.

I get both pain and pleasure from how 80's the book is.

I used to sit for hours doing my make up like this, I never really got the concept
 of blending though so I would always end up looking like a clown.

my nan taught me how to make pom poms so I could
 make the pin in this picture. I think it fell apart the next day 
because I hadnt done the knots properly.

my favorite quote from this book has to be :

egg shampoo
1) vigorously beat together the white and yoke of one egg in a mixing bowl
2) massage the mixture thoroughly into dry unwashed hair and leave for about five minutes
3) rinse your hair in COOL water: the egg is likely to scramble if the water is too hot.

I can totally imagine a teenager on a 80's / 90's TV show doing that and ending up with scrambled egg hair.


Tilly said...

OMG I used to have a smaller version of this book or one with a different cover at least. As a child I used to stare at it for hours. Seeing these pictures brings back such memories. I recall one particularly memorable "look" which advised drawing polka dots all over your nails and lips (or am I making that last bit up?) and putting a HUGE sash in your hair. Was there an avocado face mask in it too? And one with mashed up apricots? Wish I still had that book!

Leah said...

Ah yes! polka dot nails, it had matching eye make up too! I used to do that for school and then get sent to wipe it off in the office. The mashed avocado face mask is there too and one with peach!

It was written by a fashion teacher at Central Saint Martins School of Art too, I think that some pretty cool reading material for kids!


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