Saturday, 1 October 2011

Trying to be clever

Sorry for the radio silence 
I haven't been sewing


that's 11 books
3 notepads 
and 1 notebook

I've been reading for and writing my dissertation 

only 6000 more words to go!

in other news i have a lovely new desk in front of my window which has lots of space for my sewing machine and laptop and all my other bits and pieces. I haven't had a proper desk at home since i was about 16 its really nice!

also we moved into the new studio at uni this week, its really lovely and bright. it used to be a ceramics studio so its quite dusty, but it's nothing a bit of elbow grease won't clear up. We went in Thursday to choose our spaces and give it a lick of paint, I'll share some photos next week when I have properly moved in.

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