Thursday, 8 September 2011

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey

Remember way back when I was planning for me made June and I said I was going to make this top?

I did make it... on my old sewing machine, it wasn't a pretty sight! the poor old dear just wasn't cut out for sewing tricky fabric like jersey and i struggled so much with the side seams that I opted for a hand rolled neckline which took so long that I didn't even bother with the arm holes and hem. I still wore it but i wouldn't say it was my proudest thing I had made.

Ever since I got my new sewing machine I have been a bit nervous of trying jersey with it in-case it was just as troublesome as the old one. Ha! how wrong could I be!

After reading this threads article and this one from craft stylish  I was filled with determination that I would sew another jersey top and it would be one I was proud of.

So I set to work... firstly I sat down with my instruction manual and worked out how to reduce the presser foot pressure, this is rather confusingly called 'balance' is it really that hard to just call it pressure??
Then I worked out what the best stitch would be, I had a couple of different stretch stitches so I tried then out on scraps, I ended up with this one that looks like a lightning bolt

I changed my needle and started sewing and it was a piece of cake!

I sewed the sleeves and hem first, then joined the sides (matching the hemmed edges) and then sewed a facing all around the neck hole.  

All in all, including fiddling with the machine I think I was done in under a hour!

And I love it, its really comfy, I think the jersey is a bamboo blend so its really soft and drapey. 

Now I'm going to plan all the comfy cardi's and tee's I can make for autumn!

P.S. Sorry about the not to great picture, I some how maimed my camera charger earlier this week and my iPod doesn't photograph dark colours well.

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