Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Drawing is something I have always loved doing, but it takes practice to get good, and then once your your good you have to keep doing it to stay good. when I was still studying art at school I drew every day, my figure drawing was never top notch, but I made myself go to life drawing classes and it was acceptable.

But once I started a college I stopped drawing regularly and my figure drawing was the first thing to go.

For a long time this didn't bother me, I didn't need to draw people.
But a while ago I tried to sketch out some sewing ideas, and I found to draw clothes I needed
 to draw people. problem.

I spent ages trying to draw a decent figure, then tracing it out every time I wanted to draw something. this was time consuming and stopped my creativity flowing freely.

I stopped drawing.

But then the other day I came across Fashionary, a sketchbook for fashion designers which as well as a ton of useful information, has very lightly printed figure templates on every page! Awesome!

You can even download and print out a sample page to try before you buy a whole sketchbook.

It makes sketching up your ideas a breeze.

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