Thursday, 11 August 2011

Strange Sewing OCD's

I cannot tell you how many times I have woken ups and thought 'Ooo... I would really like to sew that dress/ skirt/ top today!' only to realize that although I have got the pattern, bought the fabric and it has been washed and ironed, I haven't traced the pattern yet!

This is why I get through sewing projects so slowly! I simply cannot bring myself to cut into the tissue paper! as soon as I even think about it something inside me starts worrying; what if I cut it wrong? what if it rips? what if I loose a bit? what if I cut it too small and need a bigger size? or if I want to make it again and need a bigger size? after-all it is my only copy and I have paid £10-£15 for it! (that's usually more than I've spent on the fabric to make it) 
I've never been a big fan of pattern tissue either, I remember buying my first pattern when I was about 14 (a vogue A-line skirt) getting it home and taking it out of the packet, I stood there looking at the mass of tissue paper, getting really panicked because it looked like something I might find in a maths or physics textbook and asking my mum what the hell I was meant to do with it. I was too scared to touch it in case I ripped it and i still feel like that now when i get the tissue pattern out.

So I trace it onto layout paper, I usually do a whole bunch of patterns in one day, preferably on the kitchen table because I can extend it. But days when I can get the kitchen to myself for a few hours without anyone wanting to come in an eat or cook are few and far between so i don't really get around to tracing patterns very often!

So this is my strange sewing OCD confession, I MUST trace patterns, I CANNOT cut the tissue!


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