Friday, 12 August 2011

One sorbetto, two sorbetto, three sorbetto, four, five sorbetto, six sorbetto, seven sorbetto, more

I have been making Sorbetto's like crazy! and having so much fun making and wearing them that I haven't posted about them yet!

Sorbetto 1

I made this from emerald green muslin, which is apparently very hard to photograph, I tried taking this picture in EVERY room in the house and this is the best I got! its much lighter in reality. The muslin is really light and airy and not as see-through as I thought it might be, but at £1.30 a meter I didn't really mind!
I kept the pleat in the front but sewed it down so it stays flat (you cant see it in the photo its too dark), I couldn't find any bias binding that matched exactly so i used a lighter green bias binding as a facing instead.

Sorbetto 2

Another muslin one this time in really pretty coral colour, and without the pleat in the front, i made the bias binding myself from the left over fabric so it matches exactly.

Sorbetto 3

This used to be a curtain panel, I found it in beyond retro about two years ago, I think I paid about £4 for it, but there was never enough material to make anything much out of it so it just sat in my stash waiting for the right project to come along. as soon as I saw the Sorbetto top I knew if this fabric was wide enough I was making it into this top. I had to leave out the pleat to fit it on the fabric and I used orange bias tape to finish it.

Sorbetto 4

Last week I finally got around to cutting out the fabric for Colette's Crepe dress and I had a little bit of fabric left over so I naturally ran upstairs to grab the Sorbetto pattern and see if I could fit it on the leftovers. IT DID! and there were still a few sizeable off cuts left over, so i decided that this would be a Sorbetto with a difference... it would have sleeves! Alas I would not know how to start drafting a sleeve but luckily for me Mena from The Sew Weekly had already done it and being the lovely lady that she is she decided to share! problem solved! 

 i made myself some Cath Kidston bias binding and used it to face the neck, sleeves and hem, it looks so pretty and is a lovely flash of pattern on a white top.

Coming soon...
Sorbetto 5 
Sorbetto 5.2

This lovely bed sheet was snagged from a charity shop in Hailstead for £2.99.
its a bit faded in the middle so I'm going to have to be careful about how I cut it out but it will soon be Sorbetto 5.

and 5.2 I hear you cry? well I've been working on making the Sorbetto pattern into a shift dress! I think its done and I will be testing it out in this.

If you haven't already got the Sorbetto pattern its FREE here

and the sleeve pattern is FREE here

Have a super weekend!


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