Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The better late than never dress

FINALLY! I finished my Crepe dress.

Yes I am aware that I live in England.
Yes I am aware that summer is pretty much over.
And I am aware that I'm not going to get to wear this any time soon.

but now its done!

It took me about a week to finish which is pretty much unheard of  when I'm sewing, usually I just sew all day and get it done in one day maybe two, because I know if I put it down I won't pick it back up. But with this I made it really slowly and reasonably carefully, I only did a few steps at a time and I took the time to trim all the seams, overlock and press them properly.

The white cotton was £4 a meter from Walthamstow market (Sorbetto no. 4 was made from the leftovers), the mint is quilting cotton, I used it for the waist tie and for matching bias tape for the hem.

I love the colours, they look so cool and fresh (it remind me of white chocolate mints) 
I wonder how long it will be before I spill something down it.

All I need now is some sun and a tea party!


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Sue said...

So pretty!! I've wanted to make the crepe for a bit now, but couldn't quite dream up the perfect fabric/color scheme...I think you've got it!

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