Monday, 2 May 2011

Hello my name is Sencha!

Meet my first Sencha blouse! isn't she pretty?
She may be the first but she will by no means be the last (I'm going to stop talking about my blouse as if its a person now!)


And whats not to love, its quick, its easy, it fitted first time, and I can make endless variations of it!

Here's some variations I've been thinking about...

Cording tutorial from Colette blog Here
Peter pan collar tutorial from Gertie Here
Lace yoke tutorial from Colette blog Here

I'm going to start working on making the peter pan collar from Gertie's tutorial next, I'm thinking a classic white version may be a good idea.

Here's how I wore it when I went to watch my brother run the mini marathon. We waited for him at Temple and then walked to the finish line, he was 94 seconds faster than last year!


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