Sunday, 1 May 2011

The learning curve skirt

Can you believe that this took almost a week to finish! It caused me so many problems that I almost considered scraping it completely. But I didn't and here's the result...

 Problem 1 - the fabric - I bought some black cotton poplin for this as its thin but still crisp, this turned out to be the worst mistake EVER! You only have to breath on it and it creases, this was VERY annoying and I spent the whole time I was making it thinking 'I'm never going to be able to do anything in this skirt if it creases like this'

Problem 2 - the pattern - I got the pattern from burda style and don't get me wrong its a good pattern! But I was lazy and I didn't check the actual garment measurements against the body measurements, and then I didn't check the fit until after I'd put the zip in (I was feeling very lazy). When I did check I had about 4 inches extra on the waist! So after fiddling around with it for what seemed like forever I put 2 large-ish tucks in the front (I figured it was easier than taking the zip out) and I can always just pass them off as a design feature!

I'm probably going to try this pattern again some time just with better fabric and the right size pattern, seems a bit of a waste spending a week figuring out the pattern and then never using it again!


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