Sunday, 20 February 2011

Colette's Spring Palette Challenge

Project 1  - Colette Sencha
Project 2 - Colette Crepe
Project 3 - Colette Macaron

This is what I'm planning for the next few months. I'm starting to wonder if maybe aiming to make 4 garments is a bit optimistic especially as if I see some of that lovely turquoise polka dot anywhere I will compelled to make a second version of the Crepe dress!

I already have the Sencha pattern so I just have to get the fabric. For the Crepe and macaron dress I need to get the fabric and the pattern, and I will be using Gertie's Crepe sew-a-long to guide me thorough.

I guess we will see how I get on!

Happy Sunday!



My said...

I wish i could sew well enough to make myself four dresses! your choices are stunning! lovely blog :)
also, thanks for commenting on my blog . . . I love pushing daisies and Chuck's style. I think that picture you linked in your comment convinced me to buy the red one!!!

Leah said...

I've managed the two Sencha tops so far! hopefully i will be able to get started on the crepe dress soon!

I will get round to posting pictures as soon as i locate my camera cord! Lol so stay tuned!

Go Red Dress! WOO! would love to see some pictures i'm sure you will look AMAZING!
(i'm totally putting a dress like that on my to sew list)


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